This is a no-cost step.
Chances are, you DID NOT receive a review by an experienced software Business Analyst, which is why you’re here.

Software, at its most basic, is an expression of a solution to a problem. You’ll work extensively with our Business Analysis Team. We’ll have a holistic, thorough understanding of your problem before the first new line of code is written. And so will you. We combine this understanding with input from our industry leading project team including UI/UX front end designers and our development team to generate a roadmap that leads to a successful outcome for your project.  All of the findings of this analysis and planning phase are delivered in the form of a software design spec that contains a functional rendering of all the details of the completed project. This allows us to create a much more accurate schedule of deliverables, timelines, milestones and budget for your software project going forward. And we can accomplish this quickly. We understand, in addition to not receiving what you paid for, you’re behind schedule for deployment. Our team has more than 20 years of experience dissecting business processes and architecting streamlined, improved solutions that are then expressed in the code we build.

Real Life

Real Life Logic


Project Rescue for Software Projects Gone Bad
Many clients come to us frustrated. They’ve heard “It’ll be done soon, don't worry...” or “Next week…” or whatever, too many times. And what they finally see isn’t as far along or as close to what they wanted as they expected. All the while they kept paying. If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone.  The good news is we have been invited in on many, many rescue projects. Here’s why you should consider Real Life Logic when you find your software project in this condition.

After NDAs are signed we perform a Rapid Code Review designed to tell us and you exactly where you are, what’s usable and what’s not, and what’s required to get you across the finish line. And at what cost.​